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So who are you, exactly?


No one of consequence...I'm a Star Wars fan, a technologist, and a dad (not in that order) who had an overwhelming compulsion to see as much Star Wars STUFF in one place as humanly possible, and to understand a little more about how it all fits together.  In my professional life I work with data - how to collect it, how to visualize it, and how to make it meaningful.  It was a long-standing dream of mine to do that in the context of my favorite stories...and here we are!  

Is Happy Beeps in any way affiliated with Disney or Lucasfilm?


Absolutely not.  I've got no relationship at all with the owners of the Star Wars brand or their partners...everything you see here is because of them, and all I've done is try to present what they've provided to us fans and collectors in an interesting way.

Well since you brought it up, what's so special about the catalogs at Happy Beeps?


Based on the maxim that there are as many different flavors of fandom and collecting as their are fans and collectors, flexibility is king at Happy Beeps.  That's why we let you switch easily between a "narrative" view of Star Wars, where we talk about stories and content and characters - and a "production" view, where we talk about manufacturers, release dates, and media types.  For example - searching for "Comics" can mean you're looking for a particular kind of narrative, sequential artwork...or it can mean you're searching for a particular kind of softcover publication.  In the first view, you might be interested to find that the stories you're looking for have been published in actual comic books, trade paperbacks, and omnibus the second, you might find that some comic books contain short story prose, or behind the scenes reference material!  That's why we have a "Story Type" as well as a "Publication Type" field.  


This is not a timeline site - but sometimes we do want to use time to order our Star Wars stories and toys.  We have a "Story Era" field that allows us to select all the content and toys related to Solo: A Star Wars Story, for example, or The Clone Wars, or Between Episodes I and II.  We also have a "Publication Era" that lets us look at all the good stuff released in the Classic Star Wars era of 1977-1987, or the Story Group period of 2014 to today.  


Of course, you can mix and match all these to your heart's content - and let us know if you have any questions or ideas about how to improve the experience!


More Frequently Asked Questions on the way, stay tuned!!