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Bring Home the Bounty Week 5!

Courtesy of, some more great reveals to celebrate The Mandalorian and more while we get ready for The Book of Boba Fett in just a few more weeks!  The biggest headline is LEGO's Ultimate Collector Series AT-AT - a whopping 6700 pieces, poseable legs and head, and 9 minifigures from Snowtroopers to Luke Skywalker.  This one goes on sale November 26 - get your pre-orders in so you don't miss out!

Ahsoka Tano gets her Mandalorian expression debuted in the Black Series as well in 2022, along with Death Watch Mandalorian from Season 1, for the first time in 6-inch scale.

Gamestop's Deluxe Pops! series focused on Bounty Hunters from Episode V finishes out with Darth Vader, to be released in March 2022.  And finally, six new Bounty Collection figurines featuring Grogu, plus a holiday-themed plush from Shop Disney.  Happy Hunting everyone - all Week 5 reveals are in the Happy Beeps database.  Stay tuned for more reveals this Friday!



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