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Royal Selangor Figurines for May the 4th!

For May the 4th, Royal Selangor's line of pewter Star Wars figurines gets four more entries, to celebrate the anniversary of Return of the Jedi.  An AT-ST walker, a pair of Speeder Bikes with Luke Skywalker and a Scout Trooper, and two Boba Fett figurines from the Battle of Carkoon!  Happy hunting!


Its name and armaments make it explicit that the All Terrain Scout Transport is built for the toughest theatres of battle, but perhaps its engineers might have better considered its defences against non-mechanical threats. As it hunts down rebel forces on Endor, the AT-ST realises too late it’s just been ambushed by some of the forest moon’s smallest inhabitants. Wonderfully detailed, the diorama doubles as a bookend.


Nothing in Boba Fett’s Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back debut hints at flight capability, so it’s cinema at its surprising best when he blasts off from Jabba’s sail barge in the Return of the Jedi sequel. Painstakingly detailed and cast in pewter, on a composite resin base, the bounty hunter displays his aerial mastery as he rockets off to engage his foes.


On Endor to destroy the Death Star, Rebels pursue Galactic Empire Scout Troopers in a speeder bike chase. Weaving through the forest at breakneck speed, detailed pewter sculptures of Luke Skywalker and the fleeing scout lean hard into every bank and swerve, barely missing composite resin replicas of Endor’s trees. The unique two-part diorama allows playing out various scenarios.

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